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Summay Ashwagandha supplmnts may hlp low cotisol lvls in chonically stssd individuals.

Ashwagandha is usd athitis, anxity, toubl slping (insomnia), tumos, tubculosis, asthma, a skin condition makd by whit patchinss (lukodma), bonchitis, backach, ibomyalgia, mnstual poblms, hiccups, and chonic liv disas.

It may alsdcas blood suga and blood pssu lvls, smdication dosags may nd tb adjustd i you tak it.

Som ths sdativ mdications includ clonazpam (Klonopin), diazpam (Valium), loazpam (Ativan), and oths.

Th nam ashwagandha dscibs th smll its oot (lik a hos). By dinition, ashwa mans hos.

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